$0 TVL

Connect your wallet to stake your TPAD, reach new staking levels and participate in IDOs!

Your perks

❌ No guaranteed allocations on IDOs and INOs. Stake at least Affiliate tier.
❌ Allocation booster is off.
❌ No All-access Guaranteed (AAG) allocations. No access to seed, private, strategic, etc. sales.

Stake TPAD for IDO Participation

7.02% APY
180 days
7dDays to be staked1095d
< 1 year
Compounded Interest
Loyalty Bonus
πŸš€ Allocation Boosters
Inactive, stake a tier
Balance: 0 TPAD


To be eligible for any of the tiers you are required to stake the following:


3 000 TPAD for chance [1x] (20% lottery)
6 000 TPAD for prospect [2x] (30% lottery)


10 000 TPAD for affiliate [2x]
15 000 TPAD for member [4x]
25 000 TPAD for club [7x]

All-Access Guaranteed

45 000 TPAD for associate [13x]
90 000 TPAD for executive [27x]
150 000 TPAD for partner [46x]
185 000 TPAD for orbit [57x]
250 000 TPAD for black [78x]
500 000 TPAD for obsidian [160x]
750 000 TPAD for outer space [244x]
1 000 000 TPAD for singularity [333x]

FAQ - Diamond Hands

#1 How do I keep my unvested tokens and future distributions in the projects I have previously participated in?
#2 How do I get the Diamond Hands retroactive rewards?
#3 What is the initial tier?
#4 What percentage of relinquished tokens will each staking pool receive?
#5 Will the relinquished tokens be distributed based on tier or proportional TPAD holding?
#6 What must I do to receive the relinquished tokens, Diamond Hands rewards?
#7 What is the early unstaking fee?
#8 Some past projects like Gensokishi β€” MV and BlokPad β€” BPAD have multiple vesting events. Does missing the Aug 5 deadline mean relinquishing all the vested tokens or just the next quarterly (MV) or monthly (BPAD) tokens?
#9 What are the criteria for new users to receive these rewards (relinquished tokens)?
#10 What if I changed my wallets?
#11 What if there is a refund?
#12 Can I combine tiers?

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