Diamond Hands


Current level: none
Has rewards: No
DH25 eligible: No
Retro rewards eligible: No
Registered: No

You are eligible for Diamond Hands rewards if:

  • You stake in the 1095d pool
  • For the DH75 rewards, a guaranteed tier, at least an AFFILIATE [2x] level and a participation in the token's sale is required
  • For the DH25 rewards, you must have a tier of AAG, SAAG levels. AAG levels start at the associate + [15x] level.

Schedule to be announced

Your rewards

Rewards are split between all registered participants based on their share: sale contribution size for DH75, and the staked amount for DH25. You will see how much rewards you have once the registration has ended for the current distribution. Once registered, your share is fixed and cannot be changed.

Total rewards

TokenTotal collected rewards

FAQ - Diamond Hands

#1 How do I keep my unvested tokens and future distributions in the projects I have previously participated in?
#2 How do I get the Diamond Hands retroactive rewards?
#3 What is the initial tier?
#4 Will the relinquished tokens be distributed based on tier or proportional TPAD holding?
#5 What must I do to receive the relinquished tokens, Diamond Hands rewards?
#6 What are the criteria for new users to receive the DH rewards?
#7 What if I changed my wallets?
#8 What if there is a refund?

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