Stake for IDO ParticipationContract on BSCScan

Once staked, you need to register for every IDO, so we can calculate the guaranteed allocation. Once registered, we lock your tokens, but you still can participate in other IDOs.

Please see the FAQ section for more information on staking, pools and sales.

Level: none
Your tokens are unlocked
Balance: 0 TPAD
Staked: 0 TPAD
$TPAD Levels

To be eligible for any of the tiers you are required to stake the following:

2000 TPAD for chance [1x] (10% lottery) 5 days
4000 TPAD for prospect [2x] (25% lottery) 5 days
8000 TPAD for affiliate [2x] (50% lottery) 5 days
10000 TPAD for member [2x] 5 days
16000 TPAD for club [3x] 5 days
30000 TPAD for associate [6x] 5 days
60000 TPAD for executive [14x] 5 days
100000 TPAD for partner [22x] 5 days
125000 TPAD for orbit [28x] 5 days
350000 TPAD for black [32x] 6 months
500000 TPAD for black [32x] 3 months


#1 How do I participate in IDOs?
  • Step 1. Go to "IDO Staking" page
  • Step 2. Connect your wallet
  • Step 3. Stake enough $TPAD to get one of the levels. You can see the required amount to stake in the list of levels
  • Step 4. Register for an IDO you want to participate in. When IDO registration period starts (usually 24h before the IDO start), you need to open the Pools page and click the "Register" button in an IDO pool card.
Example Registration buttonExample of a Registration button you need to click to participate in an IDO
#2 What are the steps of an IDO?
#3 What is First Come First Serve (FCFS) sale? And who can participate in it?
#4 Do I need to unstake/restake for each IDO?
#5 Can I unstake after each IDO?
#6 Do I have to stake my $TPAD for 5 days to qualify for IDO?
#7 I have staked X $TPAD and have Y level, yet the pool page shows 'You level NONE is too low to participate'. Why?
#8 What is the difference between guaranteed allocation and lottery levels?
#9 I have registered for an upcoming IDO with a certain amount of $TPAD already staked. If I purchase more $TPAD and stake them after registering, will my level be upgraded?
#10 Do I have to register for each IDO?
#11 For IDO registration purposes, is there any benefit to stake an amount slightly over the tier requirement? (e.g. 2002 $TPAD for CHANCE).
#12 When will I find out about my allocation?
#13 How long do I have to fund my IDO allocation?
#14 What can I fund my allocation with?
#15 How do I find the token address for the project I just invested in?

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Participants/Citizens from the following countries are strictly excluded/not allowed to participate in the IDOs: Algeria, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bolivia, Cambodia, Canada, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, Liberia, Myanmar, North Korea, Singapore, South Korea, The Crimea, and or the United States of America (USA), as well as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and any other US possessions (the "Prohibited Jurisdictions").
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