Stake for IDO Participation
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$TPAD Levels

To be eligible for any of the tiers you are required to stake the following:

2000 TPAD for chance (10% lottery)
4000 TPAD for prospect (25% lottery)
8000 TPAD for affiliate (50% lottery)
10000 TPAD for member
16000 TPAD for club
30000 TPAD for associate
60000 TPAD for executive
100000 TPAD for partner
125000 TPAD for orbit

You need to register for an IDO after you staked.

When IDO registration period starts (usually 24h before the IDO start), you need to open the Pools page and click the "Register" button in the pool card.

When you register for an IDO, your level is recorded (for this specific IDO). There's no way to change it to a higher level after registration. So make sure you are on the level you want before registering. You will be able to stake more and register for other IDOs with a higher level though.