Closed Levels
1 USDT = 1 000 SWT
1 SWT = 0.001 USDT
200 000 000 / 200 000 000 SWT
IDO on BNB Chain, distribution on POLY



SailWars is a exciting new Web3 game which immerses players in an naval-inspired virtual world, where adventurers can embark on a dynamic journey through diverse civilizations, transcending the boundaries of land and sea. Engage in strategic warfare, navigate uncharted territories, unveil hidden secrets, and embark on thrilling treasure hunts alongside a vibrant community of like-minded explorers. As a Web3 game, Sailwars allows you to convert your in-game assets such as heroes, ships, and weapons into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for trading on the open market. Furthermore, as you progress and enhance your skills, you can earn tokens as rewards by participating in PvE (Player versus Environment), PvP (Player versus Player), and GvG (Guild versus Guild) battles. This not only offers a thrilling and rich gaming experience but also provides opportunities for profit.

Your investment is protected, this sale is under the SAFU rules. Refund is possible within 72 hours after the listing.

Pool Details

  • Access Type:
  • Hard Cap:
    $200 000
    • Swap Rate:
      1 SWT = 0.001 | 1 000 SWT per 1 USDT
    • Start/end:
      3 Feb, 13:00 pm –4 Feb, 13:00 pm UTC
    • FCFS Opens:
      Feb 4, 12:20 UTC


    • IDO:


    • Token:
      Sailwars (SWT) on Polygon
    • Total Supply:
      10 000 000 000 SWT
    • Initial Supply:
      225 000 000 SWT, market cap $225 000
    • Token Listing:
      Feb 6, 2024 05:00 UTC The token will be listed only on MEXC and BingX initially


  • Distribution:
    Claimed on TrustPad
  • Vesting:
    25% unlocked at TGE, 3 months cliff with linear unlock over 3 months
  • Tokens are distributed on POLY network. You should go to the claim page and change the network to POLY in your wallet.

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