Closed Levels (FCFS)KYC
1 BUSD = 10 MAGE
1 MAGE = 0.1 BUSD
100 000 BUSD
1 000 000 / 1 000 000 MAGE
IDO on BNB Chain, distribution on ETH



A thriving Metaverse Resource DAO that allows instant exposure to the top-performing NFTs, play-to-earn models, and player-owned economies. MetaBrands connects people with innovative brands that bridges the relationship between platforms, ecosystems, and games through shared yield for players and DeFi participants in a seamless fashion.

MAGE Utility Token Features:
NFT Minting: used to mint NFT Relics, Heroes, and more
Yield: airdropped on a monthly basis in MAGE utility tokens
Payments: trade and use as a liquid cryptocurrency asset
Governance: voting and creating proposals
Staking: earns yield for adding to liquidity pool
Whitelisting: for internal and external events
Discounts: on NFT purchases using the MAGE utility token.

The MAGE Token is equipped to better withstand market volatility, due to the unique tokenomics model, asset diversification, and exposure in various play-to-earn environments. These assets are generating yield in direct correlation with the expanding playerbase throughout the rapidly evolving metaverse. This provides MetaBrands with monthly resources that are used to purchase MAGE tokens off the public market and redistribute them among eligible Relic NFT Holders.

DAO & Background:
MetaBrands was established with a large group of individuals around the world that have been working in the blockchain and web3 space for many years together. DAO Advisors specialize in the fields of web3 and blockchain core development, decentralization and governance, finance, branding and design, marketing and content creation, gaming and eSports, community growth, and positive social influence. Collectively, the MetaBrands DAO has over 30+ years of experience in the realm of blockchain and cryptocurrency, providing a well-rounded knowledge and understanding to navigate the dynamic landscape.

IDO Image

Partners: DEXTools, DFV, BlackDragon, DuckDAO, OxBull, GAINS associates, DeltaHub Capital, DuckStarter, StakeCube, AltcoinBuzz, ZENZO, CoinDreams, Dutch Crypto Investors, OIG, AVStar Capital, AZ Ventures, Blkbirds, FishDAO

Press Release: Coin Telegraph | Crypto Guerrillas | cryptoknowmics

Pool Details

  • Access Type:
  • Hard Cap:
    $100 000
    • Swap Rate:
      1 MAGE = 0.1 | 10 MAGE per 1 BUSD
    • Start/end:
      11 Dec, 11:00 am –17:00 pm UTC
    • FCFS Opens:
      Dec 11, 16:20 UTC
    • Base Allocation:
      1x = $14.16


    • IDO:


    • Token:
      MetaBrands (MAGE) on Ethereum
    • Total Supply:
      100 000 000 MAGE
    • Initial Supply:
      6 320 000 MAGE, market cap $632 000
    • Token Listing:
      Dec 16, 2021 17:00 UTC

    TGE batch on ETH

  • Distribution:
    Claimed on TrustPad
  • Vesting:
    20% - Token Launch (on ETH)
  • Tokens are distributed on ETH network. You should go to the claim page and change the network to ETH in your wallet.

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