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1 HUSL = 0.25 BUSD
finished 1 months, 1 days ago
99,999.75 BUSD
399,999.03 / 400,000 HUSL
IDO on BSC, distribution on ETH
Sale 23 Sep, 12:0023 Sep, 18:00 UTC
FCFS 23 Sep, 17:00 UTC



The HUSL app enables musicians to create, curate, and sell NFT collectible items directly to their fans. The enterprise-grade platform helps to empower creators to connect with their fans worldwide using blockchain technology.

The HUSL’s mission is to inspire artists to create and distribute their best work by combining Music & Digital Art with decentralised finance. They believe that fans should empower their favourite artists by owning music and participating in unique moments in history. Their NFT market is built by musicians for musicians.

$HUSL token owners hold votes in the future of the music industry, hold stakes in the careers of emerging and established artists, and open doors for fans to connect with the artists they love in unprecedented ways.

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Pool Details

  • Access Type:
  • Hard Cap:
  • Swap Rate:
    4 HUSL per 1 BUSD
  • Listing Price:
    4 HUSL per 1 BUSD ($0.25)
  • Start:
    23 Sep, 12:00 pm UTC
  • End:
    23 Sep, 18:00 pm UTC
  • FCFS Opens:
    23 Sep, 17:00 pm UTC (1h before the end)
  • Base Allocation:
    1x = $17.67
  • Token

    • Token:
      The HUSL (HUSL)
    • Type:
    • Total Supply:
      100,000,000 HUSL
  • Initial Supply:
    1,340,000 HUSL, market cap $335,000
  • Distribution

  • Distribution:
    Claimed on TrustPad
  • Vesting:
    10% at TGE, 10% on day 30, then 20% every 30 days
  • Tokens are distributed on ETH network. You should go to the claim page and change the network to ETH in your wallet.

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