Arenum Games

Closed LevelsKYC
1 BUSD = 2.6659 ARNM
1 ARNM = 0.375 BUSD
200 049.88 BUSD
533 333 / 533 333 ARNM
IDO on BNB Chain, distribution on SOL

Arenum Games

Arenum is the evolution of mobile gaming and cryptocurrency which has a feature-rich ecosystem to attract players and engage them for the long term while providing rewarding incentives for developers and gamers alike.

Arenum fuses internal publishing services, and an engine for player-versus-player tournaments as a service, into a unique metasystem existing on a layer above the games, integrated. Integration into Arenums metasystem is entirely autonomous and is seamlessly enabled through a powerful developer SDK.

Arenum is not starting its journey anew, the service has been on the market since 2018 with a proven track record of 150,000 paying users. Arenum is the next step in the evolution of web3, it incorporates a unique and exciting metaverse with NFT collecting and battling and leverages its competitive play-to-earn mechanics for any type of game on its roster, Arenum is the web3-powered matching engine for eSports.

Pool Details

  • Access Type:
  • Hard Cap:
    $200 049
    • Swap Rate:
      1 ARNM = $0.375 | 2.6659 ARNM per 1 BUSD
    • Start/end:
      17 Jan, 11:00 am –16:00 pm UTC
    • FCFS Opens:
      Jan 17, 15:40 UTC UTC (20m before the end)
    • Base Allocation:
      1x = $25.43


    • IDO:


    • Token:
      Arenum Games (ARNM)
    • Type:
    • Total Supply:
      100 000 000 ARNM
    • Initial Supply:
      2 500 000 ARNM, market cap $937 734
    • Token Listing:
      Apr 12, 2022 10:00 UTC On Kucoin and HitBTC at 10:00 UTC. On Raydiun at 19:00 UTC.


  • Distribution:
    Claimed on TrustPad
  • Vesting:
    20% at TGE, 1 month cliff, then 4 months linear
  • Due to Solana performance, claiming might take a few tries. There's a delay of 2 minutes between tries required to avoid double-spending.

    Total: 0 ARNM / 0 ARNM

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