Closed Levels (FCFS)

The sale is finished

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1 BUSD = 12.5 AMAS
1 AMAS = 0.08 BUSD
finished 24 days, 18 hours ago
124,960 BUSD
1,562,000 / 1,562,000 AMAS
IDO on BSC, distribution on ETH
Sale 30 Sep, 12:0030 Sep, 18:00 UTC
FCFS 30 Sep, 17:00 UTC



AMASA is a micro stream investment app connecting millions of users to the Semantic Web and DeFi to improve their financial situations. The team have packaged this into a product into three simple steps — Combine. Stabilise. Amplify. — to enable a seamless user experience.

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Pool Details

  • Access Type:
  • Hard Cap:
  • Swap Rate:
    12.5 AMAS per 1 BUSD
  • Start:
    30 Sep, 12:00 pm UTC
  • End:
    30 Sep, 18:00 pm UTC
  • FCFS Opens:
    30 Sep, 17:00 pm UTC (1h before the end)
  • Base Allocation:
    1x = $20.47
  • Token

    • Token:
      AMASA (AMAS)
    • Type:
    • Total Supply:
      200,000,000 AMAS
  • Initial Supply:
    11,575,000 AMAS, market cap $926,000
  • Token Listing:
    Tuesday, 5th October
  • Distribution

  • Distribution:
    Airdropped by AMASA team
  • Vesting:
    100% unlock on listing
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