2CrazyNFT x Mario Chalmers NFT (Legendary, Epic, Rare or Classic)

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170 400 BUSD
426 / 750 2CRZ
IDO on BNB Chain, distribution on ETH

2CrazyNFT x Mario Chalmers NFT (Legendary, Epic, Rare or Classic)

Note that the rarity level is random, so, more you buy, more likely you will get rarer NFTs.

Almario Vernard "Mario" Chalmers is an NBA American professional basketball player for Indios de MayagΓΌez of the Baloncesto Superior Nacional.


When you buy a 2CrazyNFT card you become a part of an exclusive members club and your 2CrazyNFT card grants access to members-only benefits and rewards both on the first purchase of the card and later on down the road.

The rewards are split into four rarity levels (Classic, Rare, Epic & Legendary). To get rewards of a certain rarity level, you must hold a card required by that level and redeem the reward on the 2CrazyNFT platform at the appropriate time which will be announced later on after the sell. Every 2CrazyNFT holder gets a reward based on the NFT rarity he minted. To preserve the NFT value and quality, all 2CrazyNFT are dynamic NFTs which means that their holders will get rewards from time to time.

Rarity Level# of cardsReward
Classic1710 cardsPrivate Zoom stream with Mario Chalmers
Rare400 cardsLimited edition designed sneakers and T-shirt + official NBA basketball signed by Mario Chalmers and other famous NBA Players as well
Epic45 cardsVIP Seats on Miami Heats Home Game, meeting with Mario Chalmers and a few other famous NBA players after the game
Legendary5 cardsA fully expense business trip to Miami to hang out with Mario Chalmers

Pool Details

  • Access Type:
  • Hard Cap:
    $300 000
    • Start/end:
      7 Feb, 11:00 am –9 Feb, 11:00 am UTC
    • Base Allocation:
      1x = $3 200


    The talent Mario Chalmers
    $400 | 324 / 750x


  • Distribution:
    Mint on the project's platform
  • Vesting:
    NFTs will be available for minting on Official Minting Date.
  • Released: 0 2CRZ / 0 2CRZ
    100%Feb 11, 16:30 UTC0 2CRZ

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